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Tamaq Pishti


Dining table

205 by 205 by 45cm

MDF, acrylic sheet, wood turned table legs, muslin, red clay imprints, gilem (carpet), yékendaz (long seating cushions), speakers.

Sculptures from left to right:

My nest is a bowl of noodles

24 by 24 by 39cm

Ceramic, varnish, Styrofoam, newspaper pulp, plaster, salt dough, wool.


Lots of slurping

60 by 60 by 41cm

Ceramic, clay residue, sand, PVC pipe, latex, salt dough, metal wire, tape, sheep’s wool.


Weigh my stomach down

30 by 30 by 22cm

Ceramic, salt dough, varnish, latex, sand, MDF, glue, staples.


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