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Re-remembering a (Home)land


Listed works in installation

A sinking feeling

120 by 44 by 41cm

Handmade wooden chair, found branches, latex, string, glue, ceramic sculpture.


A detached tongue

99 by 34 by 4.5cm

Hanging metal basket bracket, aluminium wire, cotton string, latex, twine, sheep's wool, ceramic, glue.


A lively conversation

62 by 61 by 43cm

MDF, wood stain, mirror film, perspex, clay residue, ceramic plate & bowl, ceramic sculpture, varnish, latex.

A cultural carrier

141 by 54.5 by 35cm

Ceramic sculpture, glue, flour, sunflower seed husks, varnish, aluminium wire, cotton string, latex, sand, ceramic bowl, wood shelf.

A floating body

60 by 60.5 by 29cm

MDF, white gesso, muslin, staples, ceramic sculpture, wire, glue.


46 by 56 by 44cm

MDF, wood, mirror film, textured paint, terracotta pigment, salt dough.


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